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Ensuring your commercial kitchen is kept clean is vital to all establishments serving food.  Food hygiene standards, regulated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), are very high and you will need to satisfy the regulations in order to stay open.

If the area you are preparing, cooking and serving food in is kept clean it is more likely food is safe to eat and far less chance of food poisoning.

Professional equipment cleaning provides the following benefits:

  • The equipment is stripped down so areas which cannot be reached with day to day cleaning are cleaned

  • Chemicals are used to break down and remove grease reducing the risk of fire

  • Grease and limescale build up is removed which prolongs the life of equipment

  • Keeping equipment clean reduces unwanted pests

  • Food Standards Agency regulations are satisfied (no risk of shutting you down) in addition, the cleaner your kitchen the higher the rating you will achieve

  • Clean equipment promotes day to day cleaning as it is far easier for staff to wipe down clean equipment than have to scrub dirty equipment


Tecmaster have many years of experience in cleaning all equipment.  We tailor our quotations to meet each specific clients needs and can accommodate clients requiring 1 piece of equipment, any selected pieces or every piece of equipment cleaned.  

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